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and the insanity that is her life

11/26/06 05:23 pm

Eeh dah eeh dah
Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh
Scandal - now you've left me all the world's gonna know
Hey scandal, they're gonna turn our lives into a freak show
They'll see the heart-ache, they'll see our love break
They'll hear me pleading, we'll say for God's sakes
Over and over and over again
Scandal - now you've left me there's no healing the wounds
Hey scandal, and all the world can make us out to be fools
Here come the bad news, open the floodgates (oooh oooh)
They'll leave us bleeding, we say you cheapskates
(Oooh oooh)
Over and over and over again
So let them know when they stare, it's just a private affair
They'll have us hung in the air and tell me what do they care
It's only a life to be twisted and broken
They'll see the heart-ache, they'll see our love break - yeah
They'll hear me pleading, I'll say for God's sakes
Over and over and over and over again - yeah

Scandal, scandal
Scandal, scandal

Yes you're breaking my heart again
Scandal - yes it'll all and all happen again
Today the headlines, tomorrow hard times
And no-one ever really knows the truth from the lies
And in the end the story deeper must hide (oooh)
Deeper and deeper and deeper inside
Scandal, scandal
Scandal, scandal

11/25/06 05:22 pm

17 Again

Yay though we venture through
The Valley of the stars
You and all your jewelry
And my bleeding heart

Who couldn't be together
And who could not be apart

We should’ve jumped out
Of that airplane after all
Flying skyways overhead
It wasn’t hard to fall

And I had so many crashes
That I couldn't feel
At all...

And it feels like
I’m seventeen again
Feels like I’m seventeen

Times might break you
God forsake you
Leave you burned and bruised
Innocence will teach you
What it feels like to be used

Thought that you’d done everything
You didn’t have a clue

And it feels like
I’m seventeen again
Feels like I’m seventeen

Looking from the outside in
Some things never change

Hey hey I'm a million miles away
Funny how it seems like yesterday ...

All those fake celebrities
And all those viscous queens
All the stupid papers
And the stupid magazines

Sweet dreams are made of anything
That gets you in the scene

And it feels like
I’m seventeen again
Feels like I’m seventeen

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
I travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something

8/29/06 12:58 pm - bored bored bored

...you've ever appeared on stage with people you're related to.


uh yeah lots...

8/4/06 11:51 pm - oh myyyyyyyyyyyy...


these are the kind I want

but ugh probably too small

and not worth the risk for 50 bucks but ughghghghghhghghghghghghghghghhg

me wantiesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

7/22/06 10:35 pm - Hahahaha...ha...ha...

Haiku2 for cobblersmaid
gwenny aw i love
gwenny jut but that it is
not moiere's message
Created by Grahame

7/22/06 10:34 pm - Bwahaha...

Haiku2 for cobblersmaid
acurate to the
era and the cut of 17th
century jackets
Created by Grahame

7/22/06 10:32 pm - wha???

Haiku2 for cobblersmaid
has a moral that
hypocriacy is the worst
kind of evil and
Created by Grahame

this is getting pulled from where in my LJ???

4/30/06 07:14 pm - oohhhhh yyyyyeeaaaahhhhh

"I love acting. It is so much more real than life."
-Oscar Wilde

4/11/06 07:53 pm

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4/5/06 06:55 pm - wheeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Your Quirk Factor: 93%

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